Not the End of My Story — an abortion experience

“Following my first year of university, I accepted an offer to work at a fishing camp in northwest Ontario with another U of M student.The night before they were to leave the camp, one group of younger fisherman invited the two of us to come to a campfire they were having that night. We ignored the earlier warning from the camp owners not to socialize with that group and off we went. What could go wrong?”

Could We Love Her? — a story of Down syndrome

“After the doctor looked her over, he came to the bed and told us he was 99% sure she had Down syndrome. I remember thinking, how am I going to love this baby? How am I going to look at her and find her beautiful? We didn’t know anything about Down syndrome or special needs kids. I didn’t know how to interact or anything like that. It was so foreign, and I was scared to be her mom... I just saw a little girl with no future. That’s really what I saw…”

Through Faith, Fear and Fire — a story of crisis pregnancy

“We have found several things wrong with the fetus. It isn’t growing at an appropriate rate, and according to the current bloodwork, it will have a myriad of health issues and other difficulties in life, causing strain and pain for, not only the fetus, but yourself and others you care for. Furthermore, after looking in your file, your uterus won’t be able to carry to full term… and if you ARE able to carry full term, either you or your baby will very likely not make it. For these reasons, I am suggesting termination...”

I'm Pregnant... — a story of adoption

“I’m pregnant.” Yes, the words most parents dread to hear coming from their 17-year old. I chose to let my parents know by way of a handwritten note as I was too scared and panic stricken to speak to them face-to-face. This was the toughest thing I have ever had to share with them. This was the beginning of a long journey of guilt, shame, secrecy, embarrassment, and fear.